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1. Where are you from, what do you do and how would you describe you art besides categorising it as “rap”

- I’m from hunters point San Francisco California. Iam a artist / ceo / publisher / writer / multimedia influencer. My artistry is magnificent because it’s based on a true story about my life.

2. Can you freestyle off the top of your head ? Or is everything written down and thought out ?

- yeah I can freestyle off the top of my head and all my music start out as a freestyle then I just write it down so I can remember it then make sure it’s tight then I go record it now you got a hit record

3. How many projects have you dropped? How many have you made ? And which overall is your favorite ?

- since 2008 until now their are 33 total projects instores & online with 6 solo cds included in that 33 and my favorite one is my album High Risk because it was well put together from beats , hooks , lyrics , marketing all my albums do good it’s over a 100k physical record sales under my name but that’s my favorite or I can say my album black bags is my 2nd favorite because I got tv/soundtrack placements with that album

4. Do you remember the first song you ever made ?do you still have it ? Tell me about it .

- my first song I ever made was on my mixtape called goons taking over that I just released in the streets it never got sold on a retail level but I sold a few hundred copies through the streets and my school. I was 16 at the time and was still learning the industry. I didn’t get my real chance at the industry until I turn 18 that’s when I started having music instores & online. I still have that cd it’s a collectors type of project that shows where I started at

5. Has the industry changed since you first jumped in ?

- yeah the industry has changed all the way because when I got involved in 2008 it was like the last stretch of physical cds that needed to be pressed up now we fast forward to 2016 that’s when DSP platforms started rising now everything is fully digital even record stores then closed down and car manufacturers ain’t even putting CD players in cars no more everything hooks to a device like a iPhone , android or computer

6. To be a successful artist what Habits did you have to build and what’re some habits that you had train yourself away from?

- just staying at it everyday ever since I jumped into the game in 2008 I been at my music career everyday non stop now we in 2022/2023 and I’ve became a successful major artist with a lot of major things on my resume and I’ve done it independently with my own money and I’ve learned a lot over the years just from soaking up the knowledge around me and studying the greats before me

7. Tell me,what’s the hardest thing you had to overcome as an artist in this industry .

- getting that investing money because being independent you have to cover all the expenses for your career plus maintain your regular life and in this music industry it’s high risk and one of the highest investments, money don’t come easy so I had to get in the world and make it happen

8. When was it that you seen you were able to make a career out of your art ?

- when I first seen my cds on the record shelves in the record stores and had my own section with my name on it and did my first shows / tours then meeting the greats before me and them embracing me and giving me knowledge to help me get further that’s when I realize this is something I can make into a career

9. Do you got a favorite artist to be in the studio with ? Who it that energy?

- most of the time I’m in the studio by myself just me & the engineer and I can honestly say the engineer plays a key role in every artist career because they are the ones bringing your vision of a song to life. Without good engineering you’ll never be able to record a good song

10. What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on stage during a performance ?

- I’ve never witness anything embarrassing but I’ve went on to perform after a major artist and I should have went before them because as a artist depending on your buzz and influence will determine your timing to perform and at the time I was just getting started in my career and luckily the crowd stayed and loved my performances because the event was basically over but I wanted to perform and I rocked out but I learned timing is everything from that experience

11. Since sharing your artistic skills to the world , what has been your most memorable moment thus far?

- seeing my music on national tv because coming from hunters point San Francisco or even you can say the Bay Area most artist don’t make it to those levels especially independent artist and for me to make it that was a monumental moment for me

12. Where can they follow you and show you the most support ?

- instagram “ @therealyungnaz “ , twitter “ @yungnaz “ , Facebook “ yungnaz415 “ , YouTube “ YUNG N.A.Z “

13. Any special shoutouts ?

I want to give a shoutout to network the ceo of go der magazine & VP G money for always believing in me even when I was just starting yall always gave me a opportunity to be great in this industry, Guce bully’s wit fullys for bringing me into the music industry & my uncle lenny Williams the legend Rnb singer from tower of power for making me into a major artist thank y’all 4real because without y’all I’ll be just in the neighborhood trying to figure it out.

YUNG N.A.Z - Fire

YUNG N.A.Z - Energy Ft. Vidal Garcia & Tnutty2stubby

YUNG N.A.Z - Ain’t No Fun Ft. Vidal Garcia , Kuzzo Fly, Tnutty2stubby

Social media:

Instagram - @therealyungnaz

Twitter - @yungnaz

Facebook - yungnaz415

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