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Nicki Minaj Signs First 4 Artists to Her New Label

During her recent Queen Radio episode, Nicki Minaj discussed her return to the limelight and shared details about the new label she has been building. Although she did not disclose the label's name, she revealed the first four artists she has signed.

The first artist signed to Nicki's label is Nana Fofie, a Ghanaian singer who was also present in the studio during the broadcast. Additionally, Skeng, a Jamaican artist, has joined the label. Skeng had previously collaborated with Nicki on a remix of "Likkle Miss Remix" released in September. London Hill, an emcee from the Bronx, and Rico Danna, an up-and-coming rapper, complete the lineup of artists signed to Nicki's imprint.

During the episode, Nicki emphasized her commitment to supporting her artists and expressed her understanding of the importance of having someone who believes in and supports their talent. She cited her own experience with Lil Wayne, explaining that while they did not have formal paperwork, he provided opportunities such as touring together and featuring on her mixtapes. Nicki acknowledged the lack of structure in the industry, leading to artists' short-lived careers, and expressed her intention to be a hands-on label owner who genuinely uplifts her artists. The Queen humbly continues her amazing work ethic stating “Y’all know how I do shit for people. That’s not even signed to me. Imagine what I’m going to do to the ones that signed,”

Some say she'll fumble as Nicki Minaj had previously been hesitant to start a label, as she wanted to ensure she was fully prepared to support and promote the artists she signed. As an independent woman empowering other queens she states, “‘Nah, I’m gonna make it my business to see you shine’. I disagree and say Checkmate.


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