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Margarita iCandy #GODER

1.What made decide to model

Answer: A photographer friend of my suggested we do photoshoot and we did a shot I got published the rest is been modeling ever sense.

2. What type of clothes have modeled. Answer :Everthing from swim wear, sports wear, fetish and active wear.

3. What type of modeling experience do have.

Answer: I have done print modeling videos and magazines, promo modeling, cannabis modeling. I have done various features for other websites it has been a very diverse modeling career.

4. How do I handle feed back.

Answer: I'm open to feed back. I think I handle it well.

5. Where traveled for modeling?

Answer: All over the U.S.A , Mexico, Las Vegas, Hawaii

6. How has my education prepared

Me for modeling.

Answer: I think is has help me learn how to negotiate rates and help me to communicate more effectively.

7. What was my longest modeling gig.

Answer: my longest modeling gig was 5days in Hawaii.

8. What you nationality?

Answer: I'm Mexican, White and Native American

9. What's your goal the next 5 years?

Answer: My goal is to get on as many magazines covers as possible #GODER again of course .. #latinaMagazine #sportsillatrated #elle and shoot as much new content as possible.. get in best shape of my life ,get married and have a child and most importantly #behappy

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