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Lebron James Co-signs Rising Bronx Rapper Connie Diiamond

As well all know, Lebron James is avid fan of Rap. He's made it clear that we should all watch out for Connie Diiamond

Buzzin in on Vibe Magazine the Bronx talent has impressed one of the National Basketball League’s most prominent figure. This week the Los Angeles Lakers superstar co-signed her freestyle on Ludacris’ iconic “Move Bi***”. He reposted the effort to his Instagram Story saying “Man she bodied that sh*t!!! WHOA”. As expected the mention landed on her radar and she reposted the shout out. “THE KING SAID WHAT HE SAID” her caption read.

And LeBron James was the right, the Drill MC in fact did her thing lyrically. “Thinkin’ I owe ’em respect / Well, you better move, bi**h/ Tellin’ you now, I ain’t one to fool with / When they hit the corner, we get to duckin’ / And they airin’ the news clip / Disturbin’ the peace while we get to dumpin’ the heat / They softer than cool whip, I the elite.” Currently Connie Diamond is signed to Def Jam Records. Ludacris has yet to comment on the homage.

You can listen to Connie Diamond’s “Move Bi***” and watch her go wild in her On The Come Up Freestyle.


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