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Fat Joe believes Ja Morant is purposefully trying to get kicked out of the NBA #GODER

Fat Joe took to Instagram on Sunday, May 14, to share his thoughts on Ja Morant's recent suspension from the NBA. Morant was suspended for the second time this season after posting a video on social media in which he flashed a gun. Fat Joe didn't hold back in his assessment of the situation, suggesting that Morant may be deliberately trying to get kicked out of the NBA in order to pursue opportunities in other countries like Turkey, China, Serbia, or Montenegro. Fat Joe also expressed concern about the people surrounding Morant, stating that they don't genuinely care about him and highlighting a broader issue within their community. He emphasized that those individuals are more interested in the perks of fame and the lifestyle associated with it, rather than sharing Morant's dedication and love for the game.

Fat Joe warned Morant that if he were to be expelled from the NBA, these same people would quickly disassociate themselves and disregard his talent. The NBA has suspended Morant following the emergence of an Instagram Live video from his friend's account, showing him flashing a gun while listening to music in a car. The league is currently gathering more information on the matter. This suspension comes just two months after Morant received an eight-game suspension for a similar incident. Additionally, Morant is facing a lawsuit alleging that he displayed a firearm during a pick-up game at his home. The previous suspension had already led to the loss of Morant's Powerade ad campaign, which featured a song by NLE Choppa.

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