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ARTIST: Jourdan Jade Exclusive Interview #GODER

1. Where are you from, what do you do and how would you describe you art besides categorising it as “rap”

-I’m from Vallejo, CA. I’m a singer, songwriter and producer. I also own a couple cannabis companies. I describe my art as “Feel Good Music” because the intention is to make listeners feel good, wether that means upbeat, inspired, empowered, calm, confident or another positive emotion. I try to create vibes that uplift or relax one rather than provoke emotions of heartbreak, violence, separation, etc.

2. Can you freestyle off the top of your head ? Or is everything written down and thought out ?

-I write all my music out before recording but I do write all my songs.

3. How many projects have you dropped? How many havre you made ? And which overall is your favorite ?

-Currently released is my debit EP “Jaded”, several other singles and several compilation songs.

4. Do you remember the first song you ever made ?do you still have it ? Tell me about it .

-The first song I released was “Like You Do” in August 2021. I was so excited to release my first single & invested so much money into the music video for it. I paid the videographer in full up front & he never gave me the video so I had to re-shoot it much later with someone else. I didn’t want to release the song without the video and everything got pushed back so much further than I anticipated. Once finally released, the song was well-received by many and I just kept going.

5. Has the industry changed since you first jumped in ?

-I’m not even over two years into music and I manage everything myself, from booking shows, promoting, marketing, recording, etc that I’m still learning more about the industry everyday.

6. To be a successful artist what Habits did you have to build and what’re some habits that you had train yourself away from?

-I feel like you have to be a determined & self-driven person to be successful in the music industry because there will always be denials and haters trying to push you back and completely discourage you, and you just have to remain focused and remind yourself why you chose the path of music in the first place.

7. Tell me,what’s the hardest thing you had to overcome as an artist in this industry .

-Being self conscious about recording with other people hearing your raw vocals and ideas. For me, it takes a certain amount of vulnerability to freely open up artistically with others without fear of judgement. That was a fear I had to overcome.

8. When was it that you seen you were able to make a career out of your art ?

-When I started getting paid for shows I wanted to do whether it was paid or not.

9. Do you got a favorite artist to be in the studio with ? Who it that energy?

-I prefer recording and making beats alone in my home studio.

10. What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on stage during a performance ?

-I had a part of my set where I light up a blunt on stage for my song “Light Up That Weed” (feat. Nef the Pharaoh) and the lighter I had onstage was out and wouldn’t spark and someone from the crowd had to run up with a lighter.

11. Since sharing your artistic skills to the world , what has been you most memorable moment thus far?

-Being an opening performer for one of my favorite artists - E40.

12. Where can they follow you and show you the most support ?

Instagram: @JourdanJade

YouTube: @JourdanJade707

TikTok: @JourdanJadeMusic

On Spotify, Apple Music, etc: Jourdan Jade

13. Any special shoutouts ?

-Shoutout and RIP to my boyfriend/best friend through my 4 years at college who originally got me interested in music. He was a rapper in a hip hop group & I would always be at the shows and studio with him and developed a passion for it. Shortly after, he was tragically and senselessly murdered in LA. The legacy of his music inspired me to create my own.

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