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Rapper 50 Cent Just Teased a Potential GTA 6 Collab: Here’s What We Know #GODER

The Vice City image that rapper 50 Cent shared is from GTA: The Trilogy and the previous gen PlayStation 4 with the caption ‘I will explain this later, GLG🚦GreenLightGang this shit bigger than POWER trust me. 💣BOOM💨#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi’.

According to speculation, there is a good chance that 50 Cent will appear as a character in the game; in the post, he adds something about ‘GreenLightGang,’ which might be a reference to the reputed Ballas Gang from the GTA series, who symbolise themselves with the Green Color.

GTA has long been praised for its radio stations and well-selected song picks spanning a wide range of genres, so it’s possible that 50 Cent may make an appearance in Vice City – the location, not the game – via one of these stations. The Contract DLC also included the release of The Contract album, which featured musicians such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and others. That seems to be, 50 Cent may grant Rockstar Games permission to play his song in the game.

The rapper stated that he will explain the tweet later, but that it is “bigger than Power,” the name of his Starz TV programme. Others speculated that this may suggest Grand Theft Auto is being converted for television, although this seems doubtful given Rockstar Games‘ previous opposition to the concept of an adaptation.

It has long been suspected, leaked, and rumoured that GTA 6 will return us to Liberty City after 4 returned to Liberty City and 5 returned to San Andreas, potentially explaining 50 Cent’s usage of Vice City’s logo (as reported by ComicBook).

Fans are excited about 50 Cent’s involvement in the next game, with many assuming that he would play a role in the game or that his music will be incorporated into it. Dr Dre was the centrepiece of an entire update in GTA Online, which fans thoroughly liked. Therefore it’s not impossible that 50 Cent will play a minor part in GTA 6. The rapper is no stranger to the gaming world, having been a part of a few games himself. He showed interest in producing another game in 2018, and now it appears that he may be participating in one of the most anticipated games of all time.

Fans should take these suppositions with a grain of salt as nothing is officially confirmed from the Rockstar yet. For the time being, all we can do is wait for an official announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6. Nevertheless, according to 50 Cent’s enticing Instagram picture, it appears like the wait will be over shortly. Fans can’t wait to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto 6, which is presently in production

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