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Video: A$AP Rocky feels he should be number 1 on MTV’s Hottest MC List | VIA @GODERMAG | #GODER

March 6th, 2013 | by Mr. Busby
Video: A$AP Rocky feels he should be number 1 on MTV’s Hottest MC List | VIA @GODERMAG | #GODER

I guess Kanye isn’t the only one who feels he was mis ranked.  A$AP Rocky was on Power 106 in L.A and he talked about how he feels about being the 8th seed on MTV’s Hot MC list.  In his opinion, he feels he should be number one on everybody’s list..

Click the links just to see how “right” A$AP is…

All my videos are shitting on any hip-hop video out there, let’s be honest. The reason why everyone is wearing gold again is because of your boy. Everybody’s wearing diamonds. I’m the one that who made the John Lennon shades with the glasses—everybody wearing it now, you see what’s going on now. C’mon, who brought gold teeth back? Let’s be honest…

Honestly, I brought it back in a dramatic way. I made braids hot. But, let’s get off trends. Let’s get off trends. How about that? I’m the first artist who grew enough balls to say, “I listen to Geto Boys, Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs N Harmony, N.W.A. and Wu-Tang at the same damn time, what?!” And I’m influenced by all of them. What?!..But moving aside from the fact that I broke boundaries with not only that, but what either rapper is on the cover of Vogue? Forget trends, let’s get off trends. Lets back to the music. Who brought double time back? Who was rapping like Bone? Nobody. [Raps] Ok, whatever. [Raps] Who brought that flow out? I don’t even use it no more. [Raps]Everybody rapping like that., now y’all not even going to notice that? Its frustrating when I’m number eight. Don’t put me at all.

Hey I thought he should be a little higher too..but C’mon son

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