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MTV’s Hottest MC’s of 2012: #4 Nas | VIA @GODERMAG | #GODER

March 6th, 2013 | by Mr. Busby
MTV’s Hottest MC’s of 2012: #4 Nas | VIA @GODERMAG | #GODER

From having a critically acclaimed album with Life Is Good, to dropping dope features with Ross, Chris Brown, Nicki, and much more. And after having one of the best years of his career.  Nasir is ranked the 4th seed on MTV’s Hottest MC’s.  Yo Steven Roberts….not everybody goes to the clubs….why you hating breh?..

Not only did Nas drop potent stick-to-your-rib singles like “Daughters,” “The Don” and “Bye Baby,” he went to great lengths to craft memorable story-driven videos to match. ” ‘The Don’ was a great visual, ‘Daughters’ was a great visual, ‘Nasty’ was great and I think with this record coming off of Distant Relatives, nobody expected this,” pointed out MTV Programming VP Yomi Desalu while referencing the mixed reviews surrounding Nas’ Damien Marley collaboration album in 2010.

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