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@SBCRICKLEE #FEATURED MODEL Nicole K. Blades | @NKBlades | GO DER Magazine iCandy 2k13 Model | Via @GoDerMag #GODER

December 26th, 2012 | by admin
@SBCRICKLEE #FEATURED MODEL Nicole K. Blades | @NKBlades | GO DER Magazine iCandy 2k13 Model | Via @GoDerMag  #GODER

::::::::::GO DER Magazine iCandy 2k13 Model::::::::::::::::

Name: Nicole K. Blades

Measurements: 34′ C / 25’/ 38′

Hawaiian, Chinese, Irish, Filipino 

Location: Currently Bay Area / Originally Hawaii

Tell us your lovely zodiac sign? Im a Pisces and you are? 

What’s your favorite cuisine? I love it all, but mainly Asian. What can I say I am part Chinese lol 

What’s your favorite cocktail? Kettle,Sprite with Lime or shots of Goose. I quit tequila…Long story.

What’s your favorite sexual position? Well first I like to start with…Haha I’m not telling you just yet, at least buy me dinner first. 

Tell us 3 things you can’t live without? 1. Cell Phone  2. Green Tea (don’t judge) 3. My Car ( I love working out but ain’t nobody got time for the bus) 

What’s your motto or life advice you live by? “Always moving forward” 

Would you ever do adult films? No. I’ll leave that to the pro’s.

Whats the freakiest thing you ever done? Define Freaky…

Any Last Shout outs? Keep a look out for me.

How can you fans get in contact with you?

Follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube or Email at for booking.

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