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GODERMAG.COM iCandy | 2K13 * Tooch | @ToochMaGooch | Via @GoDerMag #GODER

November 15th, 2012 | by admin
GODERMAG.COM  iCandy | 2K13 * Tooch | @ToochMaGooch | Via @GoDerMag #GODER

Sacramento, CA but open to travel for work
Tell us your lovely zodiac sign?
I’m an unforgettable Pisces

What’s your favorite cuisine?

My favorite cuisine would have to be Italian! I love pasta, pizza & lasagna. I am hooked to marinara & noodles. They put me straight to sleep.
What’s your favorite cocktail?
Shots! Only shots! Im a vodka girl so I drink ciroc. On occasions I’ll drink patron if I want to get wild or 151 if I’m looking for a fast feeling
What’s your favorite sexual position?
Oh sheesh I have to choose only one! The most pleasurable for me would be to ride. Cowgirl then rotate to reverse cowgirl but my ultimate favorite is amazon. Look it up! It’s was invented for tall woman. It gives me total advantage & control It’s not something I would do everyday being that I am very submissive but it’s one of those “put it on him, remind him whose it is” type of positions! Lol

Tell us 3 things you can’t live without?

I can’t live without God, family & happiness.. Ppl tend to take the things that make & keep them happy for granted I like to remind myself it’s a need in my life to stay happy & appreciate the things & ones that keep me there. Life is hard without happiness. But material wise I can’t live without my car, lip gloss & MONEY HONEY.
What’s your motto or life advice you live by?
Go hard or go home! Or YOLO. Take your life to the limit with no limits. Life is what you make it so make it! Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. & the rain is worth the sunshine so grab An umbrella!

Would you ever do adult films?

Haha well after hearing my mottos you should be

able to answer that question yourself… But it’s not what’s on my agenda at this time in my life.


Whats the freakiest thing you ever done?

Wow that question is hard for a freak! *brings out the list* nah lol but I’m just going to have to say I had the most fun with more people! & oral sex on a roller coaster was pretty intense ;)


Any Last Shout outs?

Of course!  Okay serious note: S/0 to the man upstairs for making all things possible. My family, friends, MuzikBunniez, My photographers Casper Munoz, Dev The beat smith, & Tony. CapBiz, smashmouf, Kenex, ms lady Rose, To all my fans & true supporters I love you & if I missed you I love u too!


How can you fans get in contact with you?

You can reach me at  Follow me on twitter @ToochMaGooch & Instagram: ToochMaGooch  or through the MuzikBunniez

Thank you for this opportunity it was fun!






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